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Why is colour important

When having your home or office decorated, it is very easy to visit a local decorating suppliers and choose a colour you like. It is obviously important that you like the colour, however there other factors to consider. Colours impact the way we feel, red is often associated with strength and anger, green is calming and yellow inspires creativity. In places that you like to rest, such as a bedroom, you do not want colours that are too bright or strong as this will impact your ability to relax. Save these colours and tones for areas in which you want to be more active and vibrant. Warmer colours are great at conveying strong feelings and emotions, rage, anger, enthusiasm, optimism etc. Cooler colours create a more calming and chilled environment. All colours have a place, but it is beneficial to get the right colour or tone for the use of the room. Certain colours harmonise better with one another, others not so much (pink and green for example). Understand colour blends and try to visualise the finish before you commit to materials. Colours also bring tone and character, lightness and darkness. Some colours make spaces feel bigger, others smaller and more contained. Colours can create spatial illusions and can be used to enhance the look of a room. White can make rooms feel bigger, but often colder. This is why feature walls are great at adding colour and character to rooms, breaking up the look and feel by drawing your eye to a particular part of the room. The reason Art exhibition rooms are white is so your eyes are attracted to the hanging Art on show, not the walls behind. Venetian plaster walls and feature walls become the art. If you are looking to have your home, office or workspace re-decorated consider the use of colour and material and hire a specialist to carry out the work so you have a great finish. Please feel free to contact London Venetian to discuss your next decorating project- Call: 07947794408 Email:

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