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Why hire someone to redecorate?

The new year is a time to evaluate what has occurred and make plans to improve and renew. The new year is a perfect time to hire experts to redecorate your home, here are the reasons why!

Redecorating encourages us to de-clutter and re-organise your home. We have a tendency to collect and store items in our homes without ever using them, whether that be old clothes, pots and pans etc. Decorating helps to rethink how you use the spaces in your home and what you need and more importantly not need/use any longer.

Using high-end decorating materials, and expert applicators instantly increases the value of your home. Adding value is great when you are planning to sell your home, but even when considering getting your home revalued, having better quality finishes and a more modern aesthetic will go along way to impressing potential buyers or valuation experts. Venetian plaster and specialist painting techniques creates a classy look that will impress all.

One of the best things about redecorating is the instant change of mood and character of a room or whole house. Simple re-painting can make a big difference, but adding statement walls and bespoke decorating materials will create a dramatic difference and unique look, the use of texture and tone will alter the feeling of a room. A freshly decorated house helps home dwellers to relax and de-stress, the use of natural tones and materials is great and impactful.

We are very aware of the impact that man-made products are having on the climate and planet. It is very difficult to avoid these products however there are some eco-friendly products on the market. Venetian plasters are made of natural marble and limestone and paints such as Kalkpaint from Kalklitir are made from lime, all materials that are natural and plentiful in supply. Not only do they look unbelievable but are helping to curb the use of non-eco friendly products.

If you are looking to make a change to your home in the new year, London Venetian is the company to hire. We love to work with clients to give them high-end finishes and pride ourselves on giving clients a personalised service where customer satisfaction is the priority.

2023 is the perfect time to make them positive changes to your home. Get in touch to discuss your vision.

Phone: 07947794408


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from London Venetian!!!

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