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Why adorn your home in Venetian plaster?

There are a great variety of reasons why having Venetian plaster in your home, workplace, hotel etc is an excellent choice. The first and most obvious reason is aesthetic. Venetian plaster finishes are beautiful and bespoke, they will certainly get people talking. There are many different options available to create a polished marble effect using materials like Grassello di Calce, Luciano and Stucco Veneziano. If you want a more subtle matt plaster wall then Marmorino Supreme is a great choice. If you want a textured or travertine/pitted look, then Marmorino Fino or Traverto is the way to go. Venetian plaster finishes are incredibly hard-wearing and durable, meaning they will outlast paint finishes, and if well looked after can survive decades. Venetian plaster has the ability to absorb CO2 and prevents the growth of mould due to the alkaline make up of the plaster. Unlike paints, Venetian plaster is odourless and toxic-free as it is made from natural materials like marble and lime. Venetian plaster does not require any real maintenance, and when a wax is applied, like Patina or Wax D’Arte, the surface is easily to wipe down. I buy all my Venetian plaster materials from Impera Italia, the PREMIER suppliers of Venetian plaster and luxury paints to the industry.

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