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When in Venice…..tool up!!

Venetian plastering tools are expensive, and comparing to normal plastering tools, very expensive. Why are they worth it and what is the difference? Companies such as Marmorino Tools, Pavan (Gold of Venice), Nela and CO.ME produce high-quality tools in a variety of shapes and sizes. Venetian plaster trowels have rounded edges to ensure a high-end finish. Venetian plaster is delicate and needs to be applied carefully, these specialist tools help to achieve quality and a smooth polished finish. A burnishing trowel is used to press and polish the plaster (burnish). This method is how the stone-like smooth surface is created. Venetian plastering tools are expensive because they are hand-made in Italy. They need to be durable and comfortable to use, when you consider the quality of craftsmanship,they are not overly pricey. If you want bespoke finishes then it is vital that you use the correct equipment.

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