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Venetian plaster restoration

This week I had the pleasure of undertaking some Venetian plaster restoration work in a beautiful country estate dating back to the 1400’s. Whilst working in this unique environment, it made me think about the importance of restoration and ensuring that the beauty of the historical buildings around us is maintained.

In the modern world it is easy to be drawn into the shiny new thing, but if you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Rome, Venice, Florence and Athens to mention but a few, then you will know the beauty and awe of the historical buildings supersedes any new building.

To ensure that we can enjoy these incredible historical structures for many centuries to come, it is vital that the restoration work is of high-quality and sympathetic to what has come before.

There are many factors to consider when undertaking any Venetian plaster restoration project so I thought I would outline these for you.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, the skill level of the applicator( artisan) is paramount. A high level of skill is vital when working on an existing Venetian plaster surface, you need fine motor skills to delicately apply plaster to replicate the pre-existing finish with minimal impact on the wider aesthetic. Using specialist trowels, putty knives and techniques such as burnishing and sanding and necessary.

The skill level is important, but so is the ability to assess the existing surface. Before undertaking any restoration, assessing the condition of the Venetian plaster such as cracks, flaking or other damage is important and need to be addressed appropriately. Trying to match the plaster in terms of colour and texture is complex and often time consuming.

Crucially, you need to prepare the surface thoroughly before applying plaster. The affected areas may require, cleaning, sanding and touch-ups before forging ahead with the restoration. This takes time and attention to detail.

Venetian plaster restoration work requires time and patience. Good quality repairs cannot be rushed, each damaged area may require hours of application, curation and polishing before moving onto the next area. Approaching restoration in a patient and focused manner will increase the chances of success in producing a durable and flawless result.

Any Venetian plaster restoration work should always be carried out by a highly-skilled professional, as it requires technical skills, knowledge, attention to detail, patience and experience.

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