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What is Venetian plaster?

‘I really like that wall, what is it?’

The common issue Venetian plaster applicators have is that the vast majority of the population do not know what it is, so how can they search for it? The likeliness is that you have been in a high-end hotel or restaurant and seen this amazing wall that looks like marble, or stone. You admire it, even comment on it to the people you are with. But you leave none the wiser.

As Venetian plaster grows in popularity, it is still difficult to advertise and even harder for potential customers to find out what it is and where to locate master applicators.

The growth of Social media apps such as Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube help as you can upload images and videos to peak peoples interest and showcase this amazing decorative style.

So here is a quick guide…..

There are many different types of Venetian plaster/polished plaster ranging from acrylic to marble and limestone. The grain size varies in Venetian plaster, from coarser plaster such as Travertino & Marmorino Classico, to fine grain plasters such as Marmorino Supreme and Grassello Di Calce. The size of the grain impacts the look and feel of the wall or ceiling. Acrylic plasters are growing in popularity and can be used to create high-gloss marble like finishes.

Venetian plaster is an excellent decorating choice as it has many eco-benefits as well as health benefits. The materials that are used to create Venetian plaster are naturally derived, using marble and slaked limestone. Venetian plaster absorbs Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, is mould-resistant and toxin free. So not only does it look luxurious and unique but it is also good for the environment. The finish is low maintenance and incredibly durable. It is considerably cheaper than having traditional marble on your walls and ceilings, but gives the same effect.

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